How to Get to the Altavista Petroglyphs


The road to the petrogryphs is dirt with sharp rocks. There are some points where low vehicles may have some dificulty. But with care, almost anyone can make it.

Our directions begin in La Penita de Jaltemba, Nayarit, Mexico. Travel North on Highway 200 6.4 Miles (10.3Km). The turnoff to Altavista is at Km 81.8. Note your mileage at this point: This is mile 0 in the instructions below.


-1- At 0.00 Miles (0.0 Km), turn right onto the dirt road to Altavista.

-2- At 1.02 Miles (1.7 Km), turn left onto tree-lined road.

-3- At 1.55 Miles (2.5 Km), turn right before the rebar gate.

-4- At 2.22 Miles (3.6 Km), cross dry creek and through barbed-wire gate. Close it behind you.

-5- At 2.40 Miles (3.9 Km), pass through second gate. Close it.

-6- At 2.52 Miles (4.4 Km), park in parking lot. You are here.