Bierstadt -Albert

  When word of America's magnificent western landscape began filtering back to the East early in the 1800s, it soon became obvious that word alone was not nearly enough. You have to see the Rockies, Yosemite, the plains- the panorama of the west- to believe it. Beginning in the 1850s, Prussian-born painter Albert Bierstadt made it possible, undetaking several expeditions through this scenic land and capturing its untouched grandeur on canvas.
These weren't direct depictions: Biersdadt's meticulously detailed often huge works, sometimes improved on nature. He used dramatic plays of light, altering perspective, and moving geologic features, such as mountains. The aim was not mearly depiction of landscape, but a re-creation of what one feels when on the scene. These works fuse apparent photograhic accuracy with painterly drama.

Bierstadt -Among Sierra Nevada Mountains

Bierstadt -A Storm In The Rocky Mountains

Bierstadt -Looking Down Yosemite Valley

Bierstadt -Merced River At Yosemite Valley

Bierstadt -Redwood 1874

Bierstadt -Sierra Nevada 1872

Bierstadt -Sierra Nevada Early Morning

Bierstadt -Valley Of The Yosemite

Bierstadt -Wolf River Kansas