My Memoirs

As I approach the twilight of my life, it is time to note my little adventures. I include them as little vignettes. I also include some other ramblings to which I have devoted some attention and thought.

My life has been divided into three epochs. The first was my growing up and my formal education. The second was my experience as a husband and family life. The third was as a wanderer and explorer. In the third, I didn't do anything dangerous or unique but, nevertheless, this was the highlight of my life.

Some of these entries are still under construction. Please forgive any spelling or grammar errors.

Beach House
Trailer Park
Copper Canyon
The Lost Wallet
Chiapas Region
Pila del Rey
Onyx Church
A Lady Soldier
Drug Dealers
Lunatic Asylum
Movie Set
Business Oppertunity
My View
LSD Experience
Las Vegas:
Area 51
Devil's Hole Jun 1965
The Sheriff Calls
Desert Tides
Earth Science Club:
Gold Panning
Devils Hole Nov 1954
Baja Trip
Global Warming
VIDA Heart Monitor