The Trip- Nogales to Rincon

  Sights along the way.

Road to Alamos

As a rare winter storm approaches, we see the mountains where all of the silver came from.

Alamos The Town

View from the Mirador at the far edge of town. This town was the capitol of Northern Mexico in colonial times. The mined silver and gold from now lost mines was stored each year awaiting an Army escort to Mexico City. From there it was sent to Veracruz, Havana, and on to Spain. Some of the gold on sunken Spanish galleons probably came from here.

Alamos Church

The city square of this old town dates to before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

Alamos City Square

At night on the weekends, this is a lively spot as teenagers from the countryside come to town to socialize.

Alamos City Hall

Striking architecture of the Municipal Palace. Besides official city offices, this place serves as a place for fiestas.

Restored Ruins

This hotel rates as one the best in the world; so exclusive that they won't let the casual visitor come inside.

Converted Ruins

The entrance way

Converted Ruins 2

For $300,000 USD or so, This restored ruins from the 1700's can be yours. The original dark rooms have been modified by adding a skylight.

Converted Ruins 3

An interior room. Note the thickness of the adobe walls.

Mazatlan Sunset

At the Mar Rosa Trailer Park, the sun sets as sunbeams streak out from behind the island.